By participating in the Big Gig BBQ “Cash Prize” Promotion (hereinafter “Promotion”), Entrants acknowledge reading, and further accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules. Any violation of these rules may result in disqualification. All decisions by Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. (“MWF”) regarding the Promotion are final and binding in all respects.

  1. PROMOTION PERIOD. This Promotion is a one (1) day Promotion.  The Promotion will occur on Sunday, September 2, 2018 from noon (12:00pm) until 4:00pm CST. One (1) Winner will be chosen by random drawing at the end of the Promotion.
  2. ELIGIBILITY. The Winner of the Promotion shall be at least 16 years old as of the date of entry. Full-time benefited employees, officers, and/or directors of Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. (“MWF”), or their Immediate Families, and MWF’s consultants, licensees, contractors, and any individual employed to work on the Henry Maier Festival Park grounds during the Festival, and officers, directors and employees of any company providing a Prize, (the “Sponsor Entities”) and their Immediate Families and any other persons engaged with the production and/or the administration of the Festival and/or Promotion (collectively, the “Companies”) are not eligible to enter. For the purpose of administering this Promotion, “Immediate Family” includes spouses, parents, children and siblings (including stepparents, stepchildren and stepsiblings) of the employee, officer and/or director of MWF or the Sponsor Entities. Participants who win Prizes must present a government issued photo ID and execute an Affidavit of Eligibility and Publicity Release, and a Release of Liability prior to the awarding of any Prize.
  3. HOW TO ENTER. Patrons attending the Big Gig BBQ through the South Gate or through the walkway chute will receive two tickets upon entry into Henry Maier Festival Park, while supplies last. The set of tickets will consist of one perforated ticket and one yellow colored ticket. There will be only one set of tickets per person; no exits and reentries will be allowed. Any attempt to collect more than one ticket of each kind will result in immediate disqualification from the Promotion and possible ejection from the Park. Since half of the ticket set is an entry for the Big Gig Pig award, all patrons, regardless of age, will receive a ticket upon entry, even though the Winner of the Promotion must be 16 years of age or older. The total number of tickets for entry into the Promotion will be 10,000 tickets.

To enter the Promotion, Entrants will tear off the perforated ticket and place it in a specially-marked bucket, which will be located on the South Gate grass at the Big Gig BBQ. Entrants will use the yellow ticket to vote for the Big Gig Pig Award by placing it in their choice of cooker bucket. ENTRANTS MUST KEEP THE OTHER HALF OF THE PROMOTION TICKET, as the number on the remaining ticket is their entry number. Entries to the Promotion will be accepted until 4:00 pm. Votes placed from 4:00pm – 6pm will only count as votes for the Big Gig Pig Award, no further entries to win the Prize will be accepted.

  1. WINNER SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION. One (1) Winner will be chosen at a special ceremony at the Big Gig BBQ. The random drawing will take place at 4:30pm on the day of the BBQ at the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. One winning ticket will be drawn at a time; if the Entrant is not present or does not present themselves within three (3) minutes of their number being called, MWF shall draw a new random number that is the new winning number. Tickets will be randomly drawn until a Winner is located and is physically present, within the three (3) minute grace period, to claim the Prize. Entrants that miss their number being called for any reason shall not have any recourse to MWF nor do they have claim to the Prize. The odds of winning the Prize are 1: 10,000.
  2. PRIZE. One (1) $5000 cash Prize. The cash value of the Prize is $5000.
  3. PRIZE DELIVERY. The Prize Winners must meet all requirements for eligibility to participate in the Promotion and complete, sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility And Publicity Release, and a Release of Liability and any additional documents requested by MWF prior to receiving the Prize (together the “Affidavit”). If a Winner is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign for the Prize on their behalf, as is legally required. If the parent or guardian is not present, the Winner must make their parent or guardian aware of the need to sign the Affidavit prior to the Prize award and then the parties shall contact MWF in order to set up signing of the Affidavit. MWF ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM A PARENT OR GUARDIAN OF THE WIN NOR COORDINATE THE SIGNING OF ALL NECESSARY PAPERWORK PRIOR TO AWARDING THE PRIZE. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the Prize, which may not be awarded. Winners have until Wednesday, September 5, 2018 by 5:00pm CST to coordinate signing of the Affidavit or picking up of the Prize; after this deadline, the Prize will be forfeited with no further recourse or responsibility to the Winner. MWF is not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, postage due, incorrect, illegible or incomplete Releases or Affidavits; which may result in forfeiture. MWF will not pay any travel costs for the Prize Winners to pick up the Prize.
  4. TAXES. All federal, state and/or local income and other taxes, if any, are the Winner’s sole responsibility. Winners may also be responsible for completing a Form 1099 to claim the Prize.
  5. NO PRIZE TRANSFER OR SUBSTITUTION. The Prize is not transferable. There will be no substitutions for the Prize.
  6. CONSENT AND RELEASE. By entering the Promotion, each Entrant releases and discharges MWF, the Sponsor Entities, and any other party associated with the development or administration of this Promotion, their parent, subsidiary, and affiliated entities, and each of their respective officers, directors, members, shareholders, employees, independent contractors, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (collectively, “Sponsor Entities”), from any and all liability whatsoever in connection with this Promotion, including without limitation legal claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages, demands or actions of any kind (including without limitation personal injuries, death, damage to, loss or destruction or property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation, or portrayal in a false light) (collectively, “Claims”). Except where prohibited: (i) acceptance of a Prize constitutes the consent of any Winner, without further compensation, to use the name and likeness of such Winner for editorial, advertising and publicity purposes by MWF and/or others authorized by MWF; (ii) acceptance of a Prize constitutes a release by any Winner of the Sponsor Entities of any and all Claims in connection with the administration of this Promotion or any Prize; and (iii) any potential Winner may be required to sign an Affidavit (including a social security number and driver’s license number), or other similar documents. Documents required herein must be signed and accepted by MWF, before Winner receives the Prize. Nothing in these rules shall be construed to create a relationship between the Winner and MWF. Winner is not authorized to and shall not use, recreate, or assert an interest in MWF’s trademarks, including the “Smile logo”® and the name Summerfest ®.
  7. DISCLAIMERS. Entries that are lost, late, misdirected, incorrect, garbled, or incompletely received, for any reason will not be eligible. MWF further reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the Promotion if it is not capable of completion as planned. MWF is not responsible for errors in the administration or fulfillment of this Promotion, including without limitation mechanical, human, printing, distribution or production errors, and may modify or cancel this Promotion based upon such error at its sole discretion without liability. MWF AND THE SPONSOR ENTITIES MAKE NO WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS OR GUARANTEES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN FACT OR IN LAW, AS REGARDS THIS PROMOTION OR THE MERCHANTABILITY, QUALITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE REGARDING ANY PRIZE OR ANY COMPONENT OF ANY PRIZE. ANY ATTEMPT BY ANY PERSON TO UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THIS PROMOTION MAY BE A VIOLATION OF LAW, AND SHOULD SUCH AN ATTEMPT BE MADE, MWF RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SEEK REMEDIES AND DAMAGES (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ATTORNEYS’ FEES) FROM ANY SUCH ENTRANT TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, INCLUDING CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.
  8. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. This Promotion is void where prohibited by law. If all or any part of this Promotion is prohibited or regulated by the laws or regulations of a particular jurisdiction, MWF reserves the right to disqualify Entrants, change, alter or modify eligibility and Prize structure (including without limitation the right to limit participation in the Promotion) or to suspend or cancel the Promotion as may be necessary, in MWF’s sole discretion, to comply with such laws or regulations.
  9. DISPUTE RESOLUTION. As a condition of participation in this Promotion, all Entrants agree that any and all disputes which cannot be resolved between the Entrants and MWF, the Sponsor Entities and/or the Companies, and all causes of action arising out of or connected with this Promotion, shall be resolved individually in a state or federal court located in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, without giving effect to conflict of laws principles. All Entrants in this Promotion consent to the jurisdiction and venue of such state and federal courts and waive any rights they may have to a trial before a jury in connection with any such dispute. All judgments or awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket damages (excluding attorneys’ fees) associated with participation in this Promotion and shall not include any indirect, punitive, incidental and/or consequential damages.
  10. MWF’s RIGHTS. This Promotion is sponsored by Milwaukee World Festival, Inc., 639 E. Summerfest Place, Milwaukee, WI 53202. MWF’s decisions on all matters relating to this Promotion will be final. MWF reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to alter or amend these Official Rules and it’s procedures in administering the Promotion and to establish additional rules or procedures in the operation of this Promotion should MWF, in its sole discretion, so desire.


New This Year - Rib Cooking Competition 

Ribs Cooking on a Grill

New this year and open to local backyard BBQ enthusiasts who are ready to take their skills to the next level. Entrants must bring their own grill and the meat will be provided by Kettle Range Meats. Teams are limited and there is a fee of $100.00 to enter. Max of 6 persons per team. Deadline to enter is August 24, 2018. Deadline extended to August 26, 2018

Those who have registered will receive a welcome packet with more detailed information via the email they used to register


General Regulations

  • The date of the Competition is September 2, 2018 from 7:30a-3:30pm, with a competition BBQ turn-in time of 1:30pm.
  • Barbecue is considered pork meat (fresh or frozen and uncured) prepared only on a wood and/or charcoal fire
  • All meat used will be provided by Kettle Range Meats on September 2, 2018 at a mandatory team meeting on the morning of the Event. Only this meat shall be used in the cooking competition. There will be no exceptions.
  • All cooks shall be present during the time the meat is provided
  • The meat shall be refrigerated when not being cooked at a temperature of 40 degrees
  • No type of flammables may be used with the cooker once the meat has been placed on the cooker
  • Teams shall have the utmost autonomy when cooking their meat, subject to these official rules. All decisions for taste, preparation, or seasoning shall be up to the teams.


  • There will be one (1) team per cooking area. The regulations for the cooking areas are found below.
  • Team members may only cook with their registered team
  • Each team will be charged a $100 entry fee at the time of registration. There will be no refunds of the entry fees for any reason, including a team’s disqualification.
  • There will be a maximum of fifty (50) teams in the Competition
  • Teams will have until August 26 to enter the competition—or until capacity is reached.
  • Each team is responsible for observing required temperature control and good hygienic practices. Teams are responsible for learning and understanding these regulations as provided by the federal and state health department codes.
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times
  • There will be no use of tobacco products inside the footprint
  • Teams may consist of amateur or professional cooks/chefs, or any combination thereof
  • As per safety regulations, there may be a maximum of six (6) people in the cooking space. Contestants must immediately comply with all MWF directives pertaining to cooking space.

The Cooking Area

  • Teams will be provided a 10’x10’ space. Teams may NOT venture or utilize space outside this footprint as part of the competition.
  • MWF will NOT be providing a grill to contestants. Each team is responsible for providing their own supplies, ingredients, and utensils.
  • The following types of grills are allowed: charcoal, pellet, or wood smokers and grills. 
  • The following types of grills are NOT allowed: gas smokers or gas grills
  • For safety reasons, use of chairs not needed for medical or accommodations reasons shall be limited
  • Only those inside the footprint may assist with the cooking
  • This is not a tag-team style competition. Further, please limit the number of persons in the space to those who are involved in the cooking process.
  • Sampling is NOT allowed to those outside the footprint. Those not involved in the cooking process are not allowed to hand non-essential items to those inside the footprint. Contestants may leave the cooking area to retrieve beverages or food. PLEASE NOTE: Receiving beverages from someone outside the cooking area into the footprint is at CONTESTANTS OWN RISK and Contestants shall immediately comply with any MWF staff instructions pertaining to handing beverages inside the footprint.
  • There will be absolutely no sale of the meat, either before, during, or after judging time.
  • Contestants may not dig pits and fires are not allowed in the footprint
  • The following is a non-exhaustive list of violations that will result in immediate disqualification:
    • Excessive use of alcoholic beverages or public intoxication with a disturbance
    • Serving alcoholic beverages to the general public
    • Use of illegal controlled substances
    • Foul, abusive, or unacceptable language or any language causing a disturbance
    • Fighting and/or disorderly conduct, including excessive negative interaction with other teams
    • Theft, dishonesty, cheating, use of prohibited meats, or any act involving moral turpitude
    • Use of gas or other auxiliary heat sources inside the cooking device.
    • Excessive noise from team’s sound equipment. Use of sound equipment is subject to the approval of MWF and team shall immediately comply with any direction pertaining to sound equipment by MWF personnel and security.


  • The turn-in deadline for the Competition will occur on September 2, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.
  • All meats must be prepared prior to judging. No finishing touches or additional changes may be made to the meat once it is submitted for judging.
  • Meat shall not be sculptured, branded or presented in a way to make it indicative of the team preparing it
  • Teams must submit six (6) prepared ribs to be judged. MWF shall provide a numbered container for the ribs; this is each team’s unique identification number. Judges shall not have access to the numbering system.
  • BLIND JUDGING: Each judge will sample entries without knowing which team cooked them. GARNISH IS NOT allowed in the blind box, including sides of sauces.
    • All sauces must be utilized on the meat prior to turn-in. Please do not make any attempt to “puddle” or otherwise pool a sauce for consideration.
  • Placing anything other than the meat or making any marks on any of the containers will result in disqualification.
  • Judges are instructed to compare ONLY the samples judged for the day, and ignore any previous tasting experiences, competitive or otherwise.
  • Judges may not consult with any visitors, culinary professionals, or any other outside opinions while they are judging. Please do not encourage this.
  • Judges will be instructed to judge the sample as it is provided by the team.
  • Scoring System: Entries will be scored on a scale of 2 to 9, with 9 being the highest possible score. A score of 1 is a disqualification. Scores shall begin at 6 and go up or down for each criterion.
  • There will be one (1) First Prize winner of the Competition – The winner of the First Prize will receive a cash award. There will be ten (10) subsequent prizes. The amount of those Prizes will depend on the total number of entries. The odds of winning a Prize is 1: total number of entries, considering the skill of each team.
  • Categories of Judging
    • APPEARANCE OF ENTRY – How appetizing does the entry appear? The entry should be appealing to the eye, on the grill, on the plate and in the blind box.
    • TENDERNESS OF ENTRY – The entry should be moist and easy to chew. It should pull easily from the bone but retain body with moisture.
    • FLAVOR OF ENTRY – Are there smoke and flavors cooked into the meat?
  • Scores for each category will be made available to each team at the conclusion of awards and are posted online at